Getting Creative With Your Wall Space

Do you have a blank wall with no idea what to put on it? Rethink the boring family photo with these interesting ideas. Get wordy. Whether you’re a logophile or are just looking to amp up the playful vibe of your space, adding large text to your wall can be innovative and inspirational. You can purchaseContinue reading “Getting Creative With Your Wall Space”

Easy, Impressive DIY projects for Your Home

Power washing your outdoor walkways makes a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal. If you know me, you know that my husband, Kent Bryant, is a big fan of DIY or doing-it-yourself/himself. From building a workshop, a pool house and a green house, he has beautifully transformed our home. However, you don’t have toContinue reading “Easy, Impressive DIY projects for Your Home”

5 Quick Ways to Brighten Any Room

Want to brighten up a room, but don’t have the time to paint or budget to add a window? Consider the following easy fixes: Hang a mirror. Hang a mirror (or lean a large one against a wall) to toss light around your room and open it up. Add metallics. Golds and silver accents will make anyContinue reading “5 Quick Ways to Brighten Any Room”