Buying Your First House: Tips for Buyers

When taking on any new project, the more you know and understand, the better things are likely to go. The same is true when buying a home for the first time. With our first-time buyer tips, you should be able to avoid many of the problems that can prevent your purchase from going well. Let’s takeContinue reading “Buying Your First House: Tips for Buyers”

How to Prevent Electrical Fires and Injuries

Electrical fires and accidents can result in property damage, shocks, burns and even death. Many tragedies can be prevented by using electrical outlets, cords and appliances correctly. Use Plugs and Outlets SafelyPlugs should fit snugly into electrical outlets. If a plug is loose, it or the outlet is likely damaged. Have a broken outlet replacedContinue reading “How to Prevent Electrical Fires and Injuries”

5 Tips for Keeping Healthy Houseplants

Investing in a few houseplants can do wonders to enhance a room. In fact, research has shown that there are several benefits to having indoor plants. In addition to adding color and a natural feel to a space, they can improve air quality, relieve stress and increase productivity. Although houseplants don’t require fancy tools, theyContinue reading “5 Tips for Keeping Healthy Houseplants”

Winter is a GREAT time to sell your house

Did you know, the likelihood of selling a home in winter is better than at any other time the year? They sell faster and for MORE THAN asking price (according to a study). More homes sell in spring than in winter, according to the NAR. No surprise there. Unfortunately, this is where the media usuallyContinue reading “Winter is a GREAT time to sell your house”