The Good and Bad of Zero-Interest Credit Cards

The offer of a zero-interest credit card can look enticing when it arrives in the mail. Who doesn’t want to avoid paying interest on credit card charges? As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to using 0-percent credit cards. Here are some facts to consider before you respond to that offer:Continue reading “The Good and Bad of Zero-Interest Credit Cards”

How to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Whether you adore your new carpet or can’t afford to replace it every few years, below are a handful of ways to extend the life of your carpet—even if you have kids and pets. 1. Lay down a rug in high traffic spots.  It may seem weird to lay a rug over your carpet, but inContinue reading “How to Extend the Life of Your Carpet”

Got a 3 Bedroom House to Sell??

I URGENTLY need to find a 3-4 bedroom home in West Little Rock up to $475,000. Master and at least one bedroom on main. Do you know if any of your friends, neighbors, family would be willing to sell? Nothing in MLS is appealing to my buyer. We can close as soon as Dec 30Continue reading “Got a 3 Bedroom House to Sell??”

7 Simple Gardening Skills Anyone Can Master

Puttering in the garden is an age-old hobby pursued for several reasons; it can keep you fit, provide food and flowers, and help you live in a more beautiful world. Experienced gardeners say mastering a few simple skills can get you off to a productive start to the home garden of your dreams: Know yourContinue reading “7 Simple Gardening Skills Anyone Can Master”

5 Insurance Tips for Newlyweds

Whether you and your significant other are currently engaged or just recently tied the knot, congratulations! Marriage is an exciting step for a couple. Combining your lives also means combining your finances, so you’ll want to make sure you’re well prepared for the future together–especially since money can become a source of conflict for manyContinue reading “5 Insurance Tips for Newlyweds”

New Price and Big Screen TV Bonus: 802 West 50th Street, North Little Rock

Seller is ready to move this home before the end of the year and has just reduced the price to $94,0000 AND is offering a 55 inch big screen TV to the buyer at closing. Can you say Merry Christmas?? Updated home in North Little Rock. Could be 2 bedrooms and office or 3 bedrooms.Continue reading “New Price and Big Screen TV Bonus: 802 West 50th Street, North Little Rock”

How to Clean Painted Walls

Did your toddler scribble on the walls? Or perhaps a year or two of wear and tear have your interior paints looking less than pristine. If your walls could use a little TLC, but you’re not quite ready for a fresh coat of paint, consider the following methods for freshening up. Latex PaintsWhether you haveContinue reading “How to Clean Painted Walls”

Tame Your Home’s Junk Drawer in 3 Steps

It is time to tame your junk drawer! Every home has one: a junk drawer. Although these drawers can be useful for storing miscellaneous items, the problem with them is that they have the funny habit of becoming overrun with, well, junk. Batteries, small tools, sewing kits, tape, scissors, chip clips, notepads, old coupons, matches,Continue reading “Tame Your Home’s Junk Drawer in 3 Steps”