Home Trends for 2021

As 2020 caught us spending more time at home, homeowners began rethinking how they would use their homes in the new year. Some homeowners may even end up listing their current home to take advantage of the booming market and low inventory, in hopes of finding a home that will meet their new needs.

If you are looking to list your home or purchase a new home, there are a few different trends that you should look for during their home search in 2021.

Two New Styles: Grandmillennial and Cottagecore

As you begin looking for homes to fit your needs, there are two new decor trends that you might consider: Grandmillennial and Cottagecore. These decor trends are becoming more popular and well-known in the interior design world. Cottagecore grew in popularity through social media during quarantine. The style is defined by the idea of creating a wholesome and more comfortable home no matter where a person may live.

For a Grandmillennial style, think of all of the comforts of your childhood home: vintage touches, patterns and nostalgia enhanced with a touch of modern vibes, bold colors and coordinating patterns to match. To add more to this style, display the family heirlooms with a more modern twist.

Do you watch Home Town on HGTV? Erin Napier is an early adopter of the Granmillennial style.

Trending Colors and Designs

If you are preparing to sell your home to find your next home, first you need to call me. I would also suggest staging your home with the trending colors and designs of 2021. These include neutrals, browns and beiges. These colors are definitely beginning to make their way back into decor.

While it may seem that neutral is the front runner, the color of the year selections by all the paint companies show a wide range of soft and bold color choices. The focus again is on creating a space that is comfortable based on what buyers want for their next home.

Rattan furniture and caning don’t appear to be going anywhere soon either. Even the trend of adding caning to pieces of furniture people already have on hand is gaining popularity. Speaking of furniture, it’s no longer expected that all furniture needs to match as long as the pieces flow within the space. This furniture style can certainly be used to stage a home that is both relaxing and on trend.

Home Layout Trends Taking Over Open-Concept Living
Prior to COVID-19 and quarantine, having an open-concept living space was ideal. Now that families are finding themselves home-based, the idea of an open-concept home is no longer favored. Be prepared for homebuyers to want homes that have rooms that can serve multiple purposes, such as dining rooms that can function as workspaces during that day and a place to enjoy dinner together at night. Even home offices are getting a major facelift due to the shift in needs. You may find that your buyers are looking for a home that has the extra space for an office or a place for their children to do their schoolwork. Additionally, they may be looking for a home with more recreational space or a space to relax after a long day.

Take Advantage of the Booming Market
Homeowners are reevaluating their current dwellings and deciding to move to warmer climates, closer to the areas they love. Despite all that has happened in 2020, the real estate market is on fire. Those looking to move are faced with low inventory, which is ideal for sellers, causing buyers to realize they have to act fast. Along with the hot market, interest rates are also low, making it the perfect storm to find the home of your dreams, even during a global pandemic.

This article was adapted from one for real estate agents by Patty McNease, vice president of Brand Marketing for Homes.com.

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