Selling a House With A Tenant

I’ve had to address this three times over the last 6 months. The sales market is hot, hot, hot and folks are wanting to cash out during this time of low inventory and high sales prices.

But it is also a great market for rentals.

It’s a tough situation. Frankly, I think it just stinks all the way around for owners, renters and the folks in the middle trying to help every one wade through it. As much as I want to sell more homes, I think it is just easier to wait until the lease runs out which is what we did with one of my newer listings.

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“Trouble is, selling a house with a tenant can be as big a headache as finding a suitable tenant in the first place. ” AMEN!

I completely agree with the thoughts in this article “Selling a House with a Tenant Living There: What Are Your Options.”

The Arkansas REALTORS Association also offers a lot of support for both landlords and tenants including a handbook.

Enjoy the read.

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